Jan 5, 2024


Cold weather workouts are far more challenging compared to working out over the summer. The body loses heat faster through convective heat transfer, and it may be challenging to maintain the core temperature of your internal organs as you work out.

In order to have a productive workout during the colder months, you need to prepare accordingly. You will need to put on layers of clothes to keep warm and comfortable, especially when it gets dark and icy, which will make it even more difficult to exercise. Additionally, the urge to skip the gym and stay indoors & binge Netflix will also be tempting…. but if you are disciplined enough and make it out, winter workouts can actually have several benefits on the body and mind.

  1. Improves Your Mood

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or ‘winter blues’ is characterized by depression. According to research published in Psychiatry, approximately 20 percent of Americans suffer from mild to severe depression during winter. One of the best ways of combating these feelings of sadness is by working out, which can help our bodies secrete more of those feel-good hormones. Researchers have found that workouts are up to four times more effective than taking antidepressants. If you decide to exercise outdoors, not only will the fresh air boost your mood, but you will also get a good dose of Vitamin D!

  1. Immune System Booster

Many people associate cold weather with the common cold. While the weather is not directly responsible for people getting sick, the viruses that cause colds can spread quicker in lower temperatures, and exposure to cold and dry air could potentially impact the body’s immune system. So it’s the viruses that make us sick and being congested in a heated room can expose you to more viruses than being outdoors.

  1. It’s a Great Cardiovascular Exercise

Both your body and the cardiovascular system work harder when you’re working out in the cold weather. Your heart works hard to pump blood, and this keeps it healthy and in good shape. With heart diseases being on the rise, it is a great thing to know that winter workouts can help in keeping your heart healthy and strong.

  1. It Makes Increasing Workout Intensity Less Difficult

If you like to run, bike, or walk, the humidity and heat of summer can make it challenging to up your mileage or intensity. Cold weather actually makes it easier to handle more intensity since you are not subjected to stress from the heat. According to a study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercises, marathon runners recorded slower performances in warm temperatures compared to colder temperatures. So if you want to break a new personal record in a race, you should try working out during winter. Just remember to do an adequate warm-up to relax your muscles before doing cardio in the cold.

  1. Burn More Calories

Your metabolism will speed up when working out during winter. Because your metabolism works faster, you end up burning more fat. So increasing your metabolism rate means that you may end up losing a few pounds.

REMINDER: it’s crucial to respect the winter weather by being properly prepared for the cold, just as you would the summer heat and humidity. Stretch before and after, bundle up with layers, protect sensitive areas (face, hands, feet), and stay hydrated!

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