Apr 14, 2024


For decades, supplements were used to enhance muscles and consumed solely by athletes, bodybuilders, and those who indulge in heavy workout routines… Nowadays, a lot of health-conscious individuals have incorporated protein shakes into their diets.

Protein supplements have various benefits and can be found in the form of powder, solid food, or fluid formulations. Supplements are commonly preferred over traditional protein sources because of their availability and reduced preparation time.

While a large population currently uses these supplements for weight reduction and/or muscle toning, other possible benefits of protein supplements include:

  1. Nutrition
    Those who struggle to meet their daily protein requirements can use supplements as an alternative. Older adults, weight lifters, athletes, and those with chronic illnesses may require more protein intake. Researchers have found that athletes involved in strenuous exercise training can benefit from having around twice their daily recommended protein intake, ranging between 1.4 and 2.0 grams per kg of body weight.

  2. Muscle Gain
    Protein supplements could also help with gaining lean muscle. According to a research study done at Rice University, an adult who is looking to put on muscle needs to strength train several days a week, in addition to increasing protein intake from 0.40-0.60 to 0.60-0.90 grams per body weight pound!

  3. Recovery
    In addition to muscle growth, protein supplements can help with repairing damaged tissues and muscles. The body naturally directs amino acids and energy to support muscle contractions during workouts. After the workout, your muscles go through a recovery phase. Drinking a protein supplement after the workout can help soothe muscles that may have been damaged when exercising. Supplements can further help in speeding up the recovery of sore muscles by reducing muscle damage and enhancing muscle performance + protein synthesis.

  4. Prevention
    Protein supplements don’t just help build muscles, they can prevent muscle breakdown. Combining exercise and regular activity with high protein intake will promote muscle growth and strengthening. High-quality protein supplements are rich in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and contain essential amino acids. Leucine is a BCAA that plays a crucial role in stimulating muscle growth & recovery after endurance and resistance training. As such, protein shakes are very convenient for athletes who are always on the go. 

  5. Suppresses Appetite
    Proteins will make you feel fuller than consuming fats and carbohydrates. This may be beneficial to athletes who are always fueling up their bodies for an extended period of time. The supplement’s ability to lower hunger levels and appetite help reduce calorie intake, which is a key factor for those trying to achieve weight loss. 

  6. Metabolism Boost
    Along with satisfying appetites, taking protein supplements can increase your metabolism. The body’s Thermic Effect of Food (TEF) utilizes energy to digest and makes use of all the nutrients in food. Protein’s thermic effect is much greater than that of fats and carbohydrates. Consider replacing carbs with protein if you are looking to lose belly fat or want to get the ideal body composition!

Let me know if you’re interested in the best quality and type of protein supplements for your body—whether it’s for your training goals or your overall health.

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