Mar 25, 2024


Stop sitting down – your body was made to move!

People spend a huge portion of their lives sitting down. You sit down on your way to work, spend most of your day at work in your chair, sit down on your way home and then probably even sit down to watch TV or read a book for an evening. It has been found that on average people sit down for more than 50% of their day. One problem with sitting is that when you eat, your body doesn’t burn the food like it should. You end up consuming more calories than your body is able to burn, which is a big contributor to weight gain or an inability to lose weight. Sitting down also has many other physiological effects that can be dangerous to your health. Research has found that sitting all day is a major contributor to many health issues and muscular imbalances in the body. 

Too many people suffer from lower back pain, which has a huge effect of their body’s ability to move as it should. Sitting down can be one of the main reasons for this pain. Back muscles provide stability for your body and allow it to move with your joints. The spine is made up of joints surrounded by muscles that work to stabilise it. These muscles need to be used (through exercise) or else the back will become weaker and less stable, causing lower back pain. It has also been found that sitting down can cause compression force to increase on the back (discs) by more than 40% compared with standing. That number only increased when people were hunching over. Your body reacts negatively to a sedentary lifestyle. Participating in regular exercise can help counteract this sedentary lifestyle by allowing your body to do what it was made for – move! Regular exercise can help combat many health issues, yet so many people still choose sitting down over physical activity. A lack of exercise is detrimental to your health and well-being so try to factor in at least an hour of physical activity every day.

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