Nov 1, 2023


Gone are the days when losing weight was the hardest part of your health journey. By now we all know that life can throw you a curveball when you least expect it (re: 2020). The question isn’t whether or not it WILL happen, it’s more so a matter of HOW to zone in what needs to be done WHEN it happens so you can stay on track to reaching your goals.

All you really need to do is pluck out all the distractions and negative vibes surrounding yourself.  In order to have a victorious long-term weight loss plan, you need to stay motivated by making some healthy *realistic* changes in your life.

The good news? There are several tips that can help you stay focused and motivated. If you need help, try one — or all 15 — of these tips:

  1. Keep your mind positive

  2. Once you’ve decided to move [keyword] towards living a healthier life, you need to disregard your sedentary lifestyle; i.e. get active!

  3. Find a diet plan that suits your daily life routine and is easy to follow. See blog for additional info

  4. Take baby steps at first by setting small goals. The hardest part is getting started.

  5. Unfollow or unfriend anyone on social media that make you feel inferior or self conscious.

  6. Make a food journal. Make notes on any delicious and healthy recipes that you want to cook or eat! Having options will help you for future use.

  7. Don’t weigh yourself daily. Oftentimes when you lose fat but gain muscle, the scale will show the same (or more) weight. This is just a number and should not matter, especially if you’re feeling healthy and fit.

  8. Photograph your progress monthly wearing the same outfit so that you can keep an eye on your development without getting demotivated. Seeing even the slightest transformation will only inspire you to work harder!

  9. Get a dog and take it with you whenever you go for a walk or jog. He will make you run and sweat more. Besides, who’s a more loyal friend than a dog?

  10. Talk to an expert trainer and ask for advice regarding your current body progress levels.

  11. Quit comparing your body to other people. You might be more healthy on the inside than them.

  12. Celebrate your success with your most trusted circle of friends and family.

  13. Reward yourself after a tough week of heavy workouts and an intense diet. See dedicated post on why cheat meals are so important.

  14. Connect with people who support and encourage you, especially the ones who are there for your at your lowest times.

  15. Identify your trigger points so that you can prevent yourself from falling back into bad habit; ex: stress eating

Remember: give yourself some time to adapt. It’s true that slow & steady wins the race because the goal is to finish. Plus, you have more time to reflect on how to properly take the right steps forward, which will be helpful in the long run when it comes to maintaining your weight loss!

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