Mar 22, 2024


Sitting at a desk for 8+ hours each day is not good for the mind, body, or soul. By now you probably know that regular exercise is needed to stay fit and healthy, but that may not always be possible when you’re working…

This is especially difficult if your job requires you to be seated for the better part of the day. Research has shown that a desk job can have negative effects on bone health and it can also lead to an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes and/or cardiovascular diseases. “Sitting is the new smoking,” they say!

If you’re stuck in a chair all day and your daily routine consists of checking emails, going to meetings, having around 5 cups of coffee within 8 hours, etc… consider the following tips to help you to stay active:

Get A Standing Desk

The popularity of standing desks is increasing each day because they encourage a healthier working environment. Sitting for hours a day will strain your body, and that comes with various health problems that will only continue to get worse. This may be challenging to those whose jobs require them to work on computers and have to spend a lot of time sitting down.

If this relates to you, you can get a new standing desk, or put an extension / converter on your existing one! The desk might seem odd at first, but you will get used to it over time. If you don’t want to invest in a new desk, you can elevate your computer or move to a spot in the office where there is a taller platform for the computer. You can also purchase an ergonomic workstation or a treadmill desk so that you can work and walk at the same time. 

Fidget While Working

If having a standing desk isn’t practical, you can replace your work chair with an exercise ball. Sitting on an exercise ball will stabilize your abs and require your body to engage. Alternatively, you can take a break after a few hours and walk a few stairs or flights. Instead of emailing or sending slack messages to your co-workers, go talk to them face-to-face. Not only will this keep you active, but also help you to socialize, refocus, and reenergize!


Taking a few moments throughout the day to have a quick stretch session will engage your abdominal muscles and open up your spine. The spine and back are the core of your entire body. If there is no mobility or flexion in the spine, your whole body will suffer!

Some simple stretches to incorporate into your daily routine:
Neck rotations: you can do them by slowly moving your head from side to side.
Crossed leg toe reach: this is done by standing up and crossing one foot over the other and bending over while keeping a flat spine and driving your back heel to the ground.
Doorway chest stretch: stand in a doorway and bring your right arm up to shoulder height; bend your elbow 90 degrees, then place the palm and the inside of your forearm on the doorframe while leaning into the stretch gently, opening up your chest and holding for at least 20 seconds. Repeat with your left arm.

Lunch Hour Mini-Workouts

You don’t have to spend the whole lunch hour working out because there are ways you to do intense cardio in just ten minutes. It could just be a few yoga poses, some jumping jacks, push-ups, or even jogging. Research by the American College of Sports Medicine shows that those who workout at lunch had an average performance boost of 15%.

Getting in more activity in your working day won’t just help with your overall health, but it will help avoid that sluggish work feeling, as well as any pain and discomfort that could potentially happen post-office hours as a result of bad posture while sitting behind a desk all day long.

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