Nov 10, 2023


First things first, remember that giving thanks and being thankful is the reason we celebrate this special occasion each year. I’m especially thankful for my family & friends, those present and those gone before me for infusing a spirit of gratitude for every gift of love and time shared with people I love in my life.

Now, let’s discuss a few healthy tips so that you can still enjoy time with family and friends without feeling guilty about ‘ruining your diet or fitness goals that you have worked hard to accomplish.

Disclaimer: This article in no way promotes “earning your meals” … Food is not a reward and exercise is not a punishment!

1. Work-out BEFORE you feast

Even if it’s just a quick 15-minute session, working out prior to eating can help increase your metabolism and release endorphins. If you don’t have time for the gym,  try going for a quick stroll or getting a small circle of family or friends to throw the ball around outside. Something is better than nothing!

2Eat small prior to eating big

The Thanksgiving temptation is real! A table full of food is like a kid in a candy store. Fight the urge of piling your plate too high by eating something smaller (+ healthier) before mealtime! Try to stick to your normal nutrition routine so that your blood sugar level don’ skyrocket.

3. Smaller plates = smaller proportion

Less food on your plate = more likely to eat less food. Try using a smaller plate instead of a full-size dinner plate. It’s all about proportions. 

  1. Slow Down!

Remember to take your time when eating and enjoy every bite. The easiest way to do this is to try to make sure to chew thoroughly. It’s important to also make sure to stay hydrated! Take a sip of water when chewing. Not only will this help with digestion, it will also fill you up.

  1. Limit Leftovers

Yes, one of the best things about a big Thanksgiving feast is the leftovers… but limiting leftovers will help you not to overconsume later on. Try taking home a few healthier items and proportion them as you would meal preps. 

REMEMBER: It’s very easy to overindulge if you’re just sitting at the table socializing with family and friends. Ask yourself if you’re full and satisfied and listen to your body!

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