Dec 15, 2023


Shopping during the holidays is always overwhelming, not to mention during these uncertain times… If this two-year global pandemic has taught us anything, we have learned the importance of both emotional and physical wellness. Having things available to help with our overall wellbeing is key. This holiday season, why not gift your loved ones with things that will help them stay healthy + happy? As the saying goes: health really is wealth, plus the New Year is right around the corner!

Here is the perfect last-minute fitness and nutrition gift guide suitable for all budgets.

Face Masks
Regardless of the widespread availability of vaccines, everybody shoudl at least have one face mask if they are going anywhere in public these days. Not only do we need it for protection against COVID (+ variants), we also need need it to be comfortable. My favorite face mask to use in my daily workouts and when I’m out in public is Under Armour. It’s super lightweight, fits comfortably, and keeps its structure. I can speak clearly while training and breathe freely while working out.

Foam Roller
The gift that keeps on giving! We all need to be able to self release after this stressful year of work and/or a training session. Utilizing a mobility tool designed to mimic thumb-like, deep tissue massage pressure can help with this. This effect helps to break up knotted muscle fibers, decrease muscle tension, and diminish tightness. This can help you feel relaxed through the holiday season. The Rogue RumbleRollers is my favorite and is much more aggressive than most conventional foam rollers because it is able to get deeper in the muscle fascia to reach the toughest trigger points. It’s design and durability is nothing short of perfection, which is why I’ve had the same roller for over 6 years! It was so good that I bought an additional one so that I could have one for home and one for travel.

Water Bottle
Hydration is key! We need to remember to stay hydrated, even in the colder weather. I always make sure to have a large water bottle on hand to sip through out the day. While I am a big fan of Buzio 64 ounce water bottle, there are so many good brands on the market!

Fitness Bands
Bands are a great way to continue training at home or while you’re away and can’t make it to your gym. You don’t need to have a large area of space for band exercises and these are affordable for anyones budget. There are so many companies that make bands and attachments, but one brand that I always recommend to clients is the Shelter Fitness Ultimate Fitness Training Package, which are on sale right now!

Adjustable Dumbbells
If you have ever looked up ordering dumbbells, you know that there are so many competitor on the market. If you are looking for ones that are a great space safer while increasing the intensity level of your at home workouts, I suggest looking into SMRTFT NUOBELL Dumbbell. Yes, they are on the priceier side, but considere them an investment! I have used several different types throughout my years of training, but have never had a pair better than these. I use my 80 DB set frequently as they really feel like actual dumbbells and allows for a quick change in weight. The footprint gets smaller as you reduce the weight and much cheaper and space saving than purchasing each dumbbell on its own.

Protein Powder
This is s great gift for anyone who is also working on their nutrition and will make sure they are meeting their protein needs! I use a few different companies and big fan of both Collagen and Whey protein to help hit my nutritional demands from training. ***REMEMBER that protein powder is not to replace any normal eating and should be supplemented if needed. A great company that I use regularly is Enhanced Performance Nutrition, a high quality product that tastes great! Don’t forget to use my code BHIGGINS10 at checkout to recieve a discount 🙂

Lululemon Gift Card
There’s something inspiring about wearing new workout apparel to workout. Lululemon is the best fitness and active clothing on the market. While it a bit more expensive than most, it lasts much longer than any other workout apparel that I have worn before. The flexible, comfortable feel of all the material and stylish look of the pants, shirts and winter clothing make it more exciting to travel, be in an active work environment, or attend social gatherings. Lululemon is all about feeling your best while also looking your best. Also, if you didn’t know, they offer complimentary hemming on tops and pants at all of their stores— no tags or receipt required!

Yoga Mat
With so many different options out there, you cant go wrong with choosing the right one for a gift. We need to spend more time helping our body relax with stretching and yoga practice. Manduka is my personal favorite brand and Ihave used their mats for years. It isn’t super heavy, but is weighed down enough to stay in place during use. The cost will not break the piggy bank and it only gets better with use!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to give the gift of a physical tune-up!

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