Sep 10, 2023


Everybody wants to have that “ideal” body image: the right body size, unique complexion, healthy body weight, and so on… Having a better body image is seen as a determining factor of one’s self-esteem, self-acceptance, overall health, and confidence. This is why you will find some people following strict meal plans, hitting the gym, and changing their lifestyle to look better. All this is great if that’s right for you and/or what you want.

There are many other factors that you can take into consideration that will boost your body appearance. Some of these include engaging in exercises, being content with the way you look, and staying positive in your quest to build a nice body image.

Appreciate Yourself

If you want people to love you and appreciate your body image, you must love yourself first. Instead of hating the way you look, you have to love the good things your body offers, appreciate your muscles that help you carry heavy loads, appreciate your hands, especially for the work they do preparing your meals, and appreciate your legs that are able to take you to places. By focusing on the positive things, you get to love yourself more so that you can maintain your strength and deal with your weaknesses. Reminder: You can’t hate yourself into a version of yourself that you can love.

Do What You Love

Passion is the spark. You cannot force yourself to do things that you are not passionate about. Be very mindful of your happiness by doing what makes you feel good. Whether it’s jamming out at a concert, going out for a stroll, exercising, or even assisting others — do it with all your might and live each day to the fullest. Instead of holding back, show up feeling confident and ready. Remember: your happiness is at stake! Avoid hanging around individuals who make you feel negative about yourself; keep your eyes and heart focused on good energy. On the flip side, this might help you learn additional ways to develop a better body image because the *right* people could potentially share with you the strategies they have used to better their own body image.

Befriend Your Mirror

Avoiding the mirror will not get rid of your body dissatisfaction… You need to look at yourself and endure any uncomfortable thoughts about your body image so that you can take a personal responsibility to change what you do not like. If you don’t want the unnecessary weight you see, find an effective weight loss program. If your hair does not make you happy, change it up and try a new style.

Quit Comparing

Comparing yourself to others is poison. It often leads to stress, depression, and feeling unworthy. Focus on being you and doing what you do best or love most about yourself. Do not give in to criticism or anyone else’s standards except your own. Instead of feeling intimidated when you see someone with a better body image, get inspired. Find out how they have managed to maintain whatever it is you desire and adjust / try to incorporate it into your life. Take the information from that person and form the basis on how to improve your own body image.

Walk The Talk

As a parent or guardian, your kids look up to you. The way you solve issues and tackle criticism is something they will not only look up to but also apply to their own lives as they grow up. You need to be their example or point of reference at the very least.  They need to see you appreciating your body, loving the way you look, preventing negative thoughts, and staying committed to improving your body image. The urge to lead the young ones will only give you more motivation to keep improving your body image.


Working out isn’t just about getting fit, it can also help you have a better body image. Through exercise, you can shed off excess weight, encourage yourself to stay positive + motivated, appreciate the value of hard work, and commit to body goals. Yoga is one of the forms of exercise that you can adopt when it comes to improving your body image. It is peaceful, comfortable, while also helping improve both physical and mental health.

In a world where you can be anything, be kind to yourself.

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